no more US postal priority to international – big amps = :( for now

we just found out that USPS is NOT able to ship anything over 44lbs overseas now for some damn reason. they of course offer express priority which almost triples the cost for shipping.

we are currently trying to find out a cheaper solution, or if shipping the amp partially finished in 2 separate boxes might be an option to squeak under the weight limit..

this means our falcon and elder giant amps (and possibly the caribou) will not be able to be shipped overseas for a reasonable cost until we can come up with a cheaper solution.

new germanium fuzz pedals limited run of 7 – SOLD OUT

limited run of these guys.. original design, handmade here in portland.
just 7 total available.

all gone to new homes.. awesome..

germanium fuzz pedals? yes.

1 with silicon/germanium – NOS mullard caps in all the right places $165
1 with silicon/germanium as above with tropical fish tone caps $175
4 with all germanium – NOS mullard caps in all the right places. $195




email problems lately

if you have been trying to email us, and not getting a response.. not sure WHAT is exactly up, but we arent getting a lot of email, and people that have been signing up for our mailing list.. ive been seeing bounces back from gmail stating that our email server’s IP block is currently blacklisted due to spam. thanks shared hosting! soooo. yeah, keep trying, or hit us up on facebook??