new custom colors available – custom amp ordering is now open for new builds

here are some of the new tolex colors we just scored single rolls of.. when its gone, its gone!!


currently available dwarvenaut 20′s in new custom colors – old gold and streaked slate


-MK2 baby sunn t high gain with hiwatt mode in black matamp/hiwatt tolex $650
-MK2 classic spec w/falcon tone controls (FAC+double depth) in the brand new streaked slate bronco with custom color matched knobs $650
-MK1 ‘andromeda spec’ with FAC in our new old gold with vintage black n tan grille faceplate and medium brushed knobs $575
-MK2 reverse black face classic spec in our new old gold bronco with custom contour 3 way switch option (new!) that allows yet another voicing option. think dig dug, minus all the pumping. go left, go right go center. EXPLOSION! $675



Cadaverina De Caffa – Art series amp now available

The amp uses cork aged knobs with custom die stamped zinc control lettering, hand wrapped leather handle with heavy relic hardware, hand painted rust FX chassis face, portions of antique optical equipment with interior lighting details.

The exterior is a combination of charcoal, oil and acrylic, with hand lettered faceplate logo sealed with antique tinted poly clear and field obtained (Corvus brachyrhynchos) Crow feathers .

The interior windows on the side feature real (Mus musculus) Mouse embryos suspended in formaldehyde filled antique glass vials, backlit with grain of rice incandescant lamps. the surrounds are antique optical equipment lenses modified to fit the ‘alcoves’ on the side

The circuit of this amp is a very unique one off designed by me over the course of the last month and tweaked heavily for maximum flexibility. it uses parts of a laney klipp/garnet hertzog for some fuzz-tacular overtones, with optional treble and low bass boost switchable in the tone section, tweed mode to unleash some truly scary loose chewy complex chords at maximum drive and volume, as well as a unique dynamic range switch that changes the low end and midrange response subtly or very obviously depending on your tone control settings. the fully gained out sound is a unique blend of fuzz pedal nuttyness mixed with a slightly modern metal foundation. roll the preamp gain back and dime the power amp, and classic british crunch is available depending on where you poke the various option switches. you can also roll back the volume on your guitar and tame down the middle section of the amp via the tone controls and get some sparkle thats not identified as any sort of iconic piece. it is its own unique sound. like the amp that wraps around it.

‘Cadaverina De Caffa’
the first recorded historical use of biological warfare in the Siege Of Caffa in 1346


the name of this amplifier represents the carrier vector of the disease (mice and rats) and the end stage of both the battle and the epidemic (vultures). the metaphor of the survivors abandoning the siege, the disease decimating attacker and defender, and the infection ultimately reaching all ports of ocean travel, and thus the world, is left up to you to ponder…


this amp is now available for private purchase and is also listed on ebay

for $1590

no KT120 powered units for the time being..

we’ve had enough issues in the field with the tung-sol KT120 power tubes failing after multiple hours useage that we cannot currently recommend them, and thus use them in our amplifier lineups. our current failure rate is approximately 40% failure around the 20 hour run time. most of the bad ones are failing almost immediately under load.

we are also experiencing issues with some manufacturers KT88 power tubes failing at around the 40 hour mark. the failure rate is approximately 10% we are working on screening methods in house to hopefully eliminate these problems from happening.

even though we are using pre-screened, tested tubes in our amps, they are still failing. this level of quality and performance is unacceptable, and we are currently researching alternatives to this fine sounding tube.

we are having good luck so far with the tung sol KT150 power tubes as well as the shuguang KT88 power tubes that are currently being produced. so, for now we will be focussing on those.

i dont want to send out amps that eventually fail due to something as simple as power tube quality not being up to snuff. life is hard enough as it is…

thanks guys.


hoverfest aug 23 2014
We are proud to announce the final lineup of the first annual HOVERFEST, happening on August 23rd at noon in the alleyway behind Cravedog, Inc. in North Portland:Yob
Acid King
Witch Mountain
Eight Bells
Wounded Giant
Holy Grove
Mountain God

Tickets are $15 in advance and can be found HERE:

Only 500 tickets will be sold, so get yours ASAP.

More info can be found here:

See you there.

*Poster artwork by Liesl Meissner*


New Amps available now! 8!!

NEW AMP FRIDAY – all are currently available
1 – espresso stained gloss coat dwarvenaut 20 ‘crammatus’ with silver/black MK2 faceplate. classic spec $695IMG_8901
2 – trans aged white (think relic’ed mary kay strat color) dwarvenaut 20 ‘jackplate lunch’ with silver faceplate and white chickenheads (‘blem gloss’) $650IMG_8902
3 – burnt orange with white MK2 faceplate ‘out like flint’ falcon 50 classic spec SOLDIMG_8903
4 – white with reverse black MK2 faceplate falcon 50 watt ‘arguendo duohedron’ ‘classic spec’ (brooks from atriarch’s original amp headshell -used for live work-) SOLDIMG_8905
IMG_89065 – black burst gloss coat dwarvenaut 20 ‘dust mote barbell’ classic spec with silver/black mk2 faceplate – $695IMG_8907
6 – art series falcon 50 classic spec ‘frozen shapeshifter, shattered’ in caramel snakeskin with stevie floyd (taurus/dark castle) custom oneoff silkscreened artwork faceplate and tint/relic’ed hovercraft logo SOLD


7 – Dwarvenaut 20 in our classic matamp style green tolex with reverse black MK2  faceplate – classic spec – SOLD$_57

8- Falcon 50 5881 powered in classic matamp green with reverse black MK2 style faceplate – classic spec unit – SOLD