honda CB450 cb custom brat style cafe racer

hovercraft bikes “Brat Style” 450 CB honda build is now up for sale locally..

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custom brat style bike with new paint, side panels, fresh front end service

lowered front and rear, 3″ in front 1″ in rear
mini bates headlight
lots of blacked out bodywork
chopped front cafe fender with mini bobber style rear fender
flat brat style brown faux chocolate leather seat (fresh reupholstered)
looks cool as hell.
custom 2 into 1 megaphone exhaust with black header wrap
black clip on bars with minimal controls and gauges

made up using recycled moto parts, faceplate and tolex from our hovercraft amps parts.. this bike turned out great and reminds me a bit of an imperial speeder bike!

hovercraft bikes ‘the baron’ has sold.

00O0O_lABLuQxSu89_600x450 00g0g_5M4NIdJy8yS_600x450 00b0b_7QjL7I21x8k_600x450 00T0T_1HWB6Po5jV6_600x450 00404_hKVU44nXq7B_600x450 01010_k30eeK671s3_600x450 01616_d8HtmsRKiIJ_600x450 00z0z_7JdsCtcXB3u_600x450 00J0J_b0yBdq2Cn9l_600x450 00p0p_9Tu3ZzaCByK_600x450 00o0o_lhrBJSxOaDN_600x450 00505_dmYPrulFlid_600x4501982 1100 CC honda made into a classic 50′s no frills cruiser using 100% recycled parts. done up for a local customer.

looks like a black leather jacket, goes like a bat out of hell..

super easy to maneuver on now that its lowered. doesn’t feel heavy at all..

lots of vintage 50′s harley parts on this bike. kitted out with 50′s style harley dash and indicator lights, kept the period correct front wheel covers for more of a streamlined look.

- lowered 3″ front and rear on progressive springs / shocks
-custom low brat style seat with carbon fiber pattern vinyl cover. adjustable for length
= this bike has a nice low seat height, you can definitely put both feet flat on the ground at a stoplight!

-vintage harley tri bar h4 bullet headlight on custom fork mount.
-harley upper nacelle cover
-vintage front and rear mud flaps made with old style fiber lined rubber
-wrapped grips with vintage round rear view mirror
-vintage 50′s style harley fishtail exhaust pipes (sounds very nice now!)
-timing belts just replaced, and rear spline shaft lube service done.
fork seals serviced
-blacked out bullet tail lights
-50′s black leather tool pouches on either side.

just rode it around today. super smooth bike.

almost 300 lbs of farkle and bags etc got taken off this bike. so its now probably pretty close to 400 lbs, which makes this sled into a crazy fast cruiser, all muscle, no fat.

Amps from the library getting released

IMG_0126 IMG_0130

marshall jmp: 1976 transitional small side panel headbox marshall JMP 4 input 50 watter with fresh EL34 power tubes and a mix of JJ and other preamp tubes for best sound. original drake transformers NO HOLES drilled. earlier (correctly done) conversion from north american 6550 power tubes to el34 power tubes. comes with “big M” marshall 4×12 checkerboard grille cloth loaded with g12t75 celestion 12″ speakers. the cab has 2 holes cut and filled on the top blocked off with panels (why? i dunno, blame the 70′s) get the whole kit and kaboodle: 1899. this amp is from my personal library stash, and has a hard wired 3 pin power plug and a replacement later model output ohm selector (marshall) replacing the trashed “staple type” output selector (i think i still have it if you want it, but would NOT use it). original circuit with a just a few replaced parts that needed doing (original caps leaking, plate resistors gettin funky/noisy) this is a great, working vintage amp. has a lot of original mustard caps in it. and its GOT IT sound wise. would prefer to sell locally, but could sell just the head and ship it, or possibly ship both.



IMG_0131 IMG_0132


matamp 1224 MKII loaded with quad of EL34′s (fresh tubes throughout, actually) black plexi face with newly tolexed matamp green tolex headshell with old gold corners. nice amp. $1599


sound city 120 MK4 6xEL34 power tube head $750
original partridge transformers, cleaned up and replaced some dead/dying components. still has the “active eq” and other circuitry.

IMG_0133 IMG_0134 IMG_0135


Caribou 50 ‘Bobber’ – Kickstarter exclusive mockup

in the vein of this:



we present THIS


The Bobber ‘Variant’


-2 channel amp w/matching footswitch
-clean/vintage channel: volume w/ shared treble/middle/bass/presence control
-gain channel: pre gain, contour, master volume w/ shared treble/middle/bass/presence control
-switchable TMB/Baxandall tone control
-rear mounted 1/2 power switch
-outputs for 4/8/16 ohms
3x12AX7 preamp
120/240v international power
duet power tubes:
5881/6L6WBG 50 watt / 25 watt powered unit

Dark Grey smooth pattern tolex
Oil rubbed Dark Bronze faceplate handles
Special Black/Grey lettering faceplate graphics
Dark Grey/Metallic/Black/Clear chickenhead knobs (tbd color)

Kickstarter Limited Edition marked.

comes with solid cables GT series speaker and instrument cables, as well as high quality mercury magnetics power cord (n america purchasers only)



also reminds me a bit of this:


FEB 13 Hovercraft amps garage sale – at the one moto show in portland



amp parts, guitar parts, cable junk, magazines, weird shit. motorcycle parts and other random crap from the shop that we gotta get rid of. most priced at $1 per pound.. bring boxes, bring bags.

amps available to peep at, including our new caribou KT88 2 channel head!

we will have our 1979 cafe racer styled CX500 motorcycle up for grabs, cheap.


details, directions, times here: