falcon MS model sn2 is now available after months of work..




this is a KT88 duet powered version of the original circuit. its a highly modified, unique circuit thats a 2 channel with midrange contour, that has multiple unique and very rare amplifier voices melded together in a way that i have never heard or seen before, ever.. the results do speak for themselves. i am very, very happy with the way that this circuit turned out. this amp’s voice is the result of many months of work and a good amount of demo’ing. its a from scratch design that i labored over every single smidge of this monster. this particular amp is loaded with custom mercury magnetics transformers that sergio from mercury and i worked together on to push up to a pair of KT120 power tubes way beyond standard design limits. i was very lucky to have the help and assistance of someone so talented.. who was also committed to furthering tube amp design, and not just aping the past.

i feel that this core transformer foundation provides a very unique, one of a kind sound that really pushes the KT series tubes to produce what they are really capable of. this amp also has 1980′s era made in UK HIWATT power filtration caps throughout for massive reserves of backbone for low tunings. anywhere we could put in “the good stuff” in the places that matter for tone, power and reliability, it got it.

please note that this amp, true to my original circuit design, is designed to be a MASSIVE CLEAN platform with just a slight bit of hair on the outer limits of gain settings, as per the original design notes. it is capable of handling the hottest pedals, multiple distortions, choruses, and other wide frequency modifiers without “running out of gas” it sings, it screams, it breathes so hard that on 1, running 2 cabinets, you can feel the air in the room push and pull with palm mutes and unison bends. so, if you expect to crank this thing up and get fuzz for days, ya gotta run a pedal.

you must run large oversized sealed back cabinets with this amp to get its full potential. the 4×12/2×15 setup i feel is ideal for it.

2 6×12′s would also really tie the room together.

the audio on this is recorded with 2 cabinets, 4×12 and 2×15, 2 mics. effects are only: line6 m13 set to a univibey preset, and an ionostrofear 2.5 fuzz pedal with all controls maxed. guitar is a mongrel tele tuned to drop A with dimarzio PAF classic pickups in it.

the headshell is gloss wood whitewashed fabric patterns from the 1940′s, and the faceplate is from an unassembled piece of scientific equipment that was etched, drilled but never assembled into its final form. the rest of the amp is trimmed out with copper coated corners, knobs and handle brackets. the handle is hand wrapped leather.

this amp is 2500 and is available now. 2 channels, double depth, input gain pad and midrange control. as per the original.

god help whomever is near this thing.

Come see us at Made Here PDX this Thursday! First Thursday Artwalk Portland!

IMG_9602 IMG_9580 IMG_9584


Come see our new amps and our first custom ‘retromod’ prewar saddle tank motorcycle ‘Greta’ (all customization of the bike done with recycled motorcycle components!) at the beautiful made here pdx store in the pearl district in downtown portland. grand opening party is this thursday nov 6th from 6-9pm!

made here pdx grand opening

2 new dwarvenaut 20′s and a ‘tabernac!’ voiced falcon 50 available, jericho low watt scratch builds coming up, and a couple of baltar V2′s

we will be having a few new baltar 100 watt 2 channel with reverb units available in a few days. they will be $850

(example amp below. this particular amp is available locally in portland oregon at Made Here PDX..



2 new dwarvenaut 20 mk1′s available.

top: orange OR tolex with black n tan grillecloth ‘andromeda spec’ unit with FAC, falcon tone control, double depth with tweed mode: $595 orange sunn T homage chassis face stripe in matching bold orange (same chunk o paint as on the hovervan side stripe!)

bottom: high gain baby sunn T with red knob/silver knob tone mod switch, and treble bump switch, double depth with tweed mode. trimmed out with 2nd gen style metal sunn T perf metal faceplate, correct fender style knobs and silver chassis stripe, tolex is our exclusive black grillecloth pattern.. sn275 is $595

both are EL84 duet powered with speaker outs for 8 and 16 ohms and can run either 120 or 220V input powerIMG_9561_2

high gain andromeda spec with double tabernac (both vintage and hi gain) voicing – falcon 50 sn118 (made its appearance at the LA ampshow) 2 channel with loop.

this amp is done up in gloss red/black burst headshell with red faux fur brain pattern fabric thats been in my stash of awesome for over 15 years. it last decorated my hellhole apartment walls in east hollywood.. now it can help your riff cave look, well, just that much better..

sn 118 (below) is available now for $895



MK2 dwarvenaut 20 (FAC, double depth) with andromeda style contour knob voiced for everything from blow your midrange, trucker horn honk style to deep sub smile EQ that would make a MKIV jingle its change and start whistlin dixie (hoping that noone noticed its not wearing pants).. trimmed out with white/black faceplate, and slate streaked bronco tolex. sn 267 (below) is available for $650


these are 20w scratch built amps based on the hi gain ‘tabernac’ circuit, and will be available for purchase shortly. they are running custom circuits with 6v6 power tubes. 50w units might be available as well.. pricing around $850


new custom colors available – custom amp ordering is now open for new builds

here are some of the new tolex colors we just scored single rolls of.. when its gone, its gone!!


currently available dwarvenaut 20′s in new custom colors – old gold and streaked slate


-MK2 baby sunn t high gain with hiwatt mode in black matamp/hiwatt tolex $650
-MK2 classic spec w/falcon tone controls (FAC+double depth) in the brand new streaked slate bronco with custom color matched knobs $650
-MK1 ‘andromeda spec’ with FAC in our new old gold with vintage black n tan grille faceplate and medium brushed knobs $575
-MK2 reverse black face classic spec in our new old gold bronco with custom contour 3 way switch option (new!) that allows yet another voicing option. think dig dug, minus all the pumping. go left, go right go center. EXPLOSION! $675