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Bob Balch of Fu Manchu does a demo of the Ionostrofear Fuzz pedal!

Bob was rad enough to lay down some amazing fu-ish riffs using our damn fine fuzz pedal.. this video is the result!

Screen shot 2015-08-18 at 1.57.34 PM

“Ionostrofear” (FUZZ/BOOST) by HOVERCRAFT

In this pedal demo, BOB BALCH from FU MANCHU will show us the “Ionostrofear” fuzz pedal by HOVERCRAFT. He will go through various gain stages to demonstrate how the pedal can be used as a boost and a fuzz.

hoverfest 2 photos!

Photos by Alyssa Herrman of Foto Phortress

Posted by Cravedog presents Hoverfest onĀ Friday, August 14, 2015

Two weeks in review!

Hopefully, everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend. We’ve been keeping busy at the Hovercraft shop these past few weeks, so while we take a quick break to enjoy Mom’s classic potato salad we thought we would share the highlights!

Matamp Volume Knob Frame Caps
Knobs on bikes? Turn it up to 11.

MadeHerePDX Bike
A new motorcycles finds its way into MadeHerePDX.

MadeHerePDX Amps
New amps and cabinets arrived at MadeHerePDX.

Custom 2x12
Custom 2×12 cabinets began production.

Hovercraft Bike
The shop turns out more custom work for the new motorcycle project.

Fluzz gives the Ionostrofear Fuzz v2.5 a playthrough.

Ionostrofear Fuzz in the Tone Report: Click to see the Ionostrofear Fuzz in The Tone Report!