working on builds – Dwarvenaut 20 & Caribou – SF Ampshow

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i’ll be in the bay area May 14&15 for the SF Amp Show¬†so come visit if you want to demo an amp, and consult with me in person regarding a new amp build. not sure what stuff i’ll have available, but for sure some big and little wattage riff transporters. possibly some oddball parts and pieces, and maybe a couple of weird amps i have had kicking around the shop that i can hopefully finish in time. look for the hovervan at¬†Marriott SF Airport 1770 S, Amphlett Blvd. San Mateo, 94402

Dwarvenaut 20 build slots are closed, some really cool stuff going on.. Caribous are rolling off the bench with a few new twists and turns added for new owners.

ok back to it!

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