Build Queues currently open Dwarvenaut 20 & Caribous

i’ve set up google form questionnaires for getting your new amp *just so*

Dwarvenaut 20 Custom Build: google forms

Caribou 2 channel: google forms

so give it a whirl. once you have gone thru the questions and selections, i’ll send over either a paypal invoice or run your credit card, and you’ll be in the build queue. hopefully simple and easier for both of us.

the build slots are filling up already, i only have 4 slots left for dwarvenauts, and 5 caribou slots left.


and yes, i lost the goddamn site again. thanks PHP updates!

i’m beginning to really hate wordpress..



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2015 – News

Have a few Caribou’s left. less than 10 ionostrofear fuzz pedals, and 1 or 2 Elder Giants available for builds.

I’m working solo from here on out, so please be patient, please bear with me. Also, I have not been having good luck with emails making it past spam catcher software, so if you’ve written in and not heard anything back, please try again.


I’ve completely pulled the plug on our facebook presence. It’s actually a huge relief. A lot less stressful.

I’m only concentrating on our Instagram and  the most often.
Ebay is also where things I make end up for sale.

Etsy is also another place we add things for sale. I update our Pinterest side very, very sporadically.

ok, back to work..



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