flying to Sydney Australia to participate in the 2017 Distinguished Gentlemans Ride & build amps



I’m flying all the way from the states to participate in this year’s DGR, and I need to hire/borrow a bike for the ride!

as long as it has a motor and will make the ride without breaking down, i’m up for riding pretty much anything, but generally prefer smaller displacement bikes.

my fundraising page is located here Distinguished Gentlemans Ride 2017 rider profile

and I will be doing amp builds for Australians while there, will be located in inner sydney during my stay there, so if you are interested in an amp and want to save on customs fees and shipping costs, this is the best way to obtain an amp.

TRIVIA: there are a small handful of falcon and dwarvenaut amps that were produced in Australia throughout the existence of all things Hovercraft, each one has a unique serial numbers ending in ‘A’ and were remade with materials sourced in Australia. 

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