• Stage 0? Stage IV? What do the different stages mean? Stage refers to level of customization on the amplifier. It starts at Stage 0 (‘stock’) and goes up to Stage IV (completely custom, unique appearance, outrageous levels of power and options, for instance)Very simply (borrowing from custom cars) its a matter of options and horsepower. how “fast” do you want to go?

    Stage 0 – this is the core amplifier with its main voice centered in the gain and tone levels desired by the player. The amp has the base options from that particular platform
    Stage I – This amplifier will have a single custom option added to it. A clean/gain switch on one channel, for example.
    Stage II – This amplifier might have a unique circuit, and one additional option onboard. generally 2 unique things about it, compared to a Stage 0 spec unit.
    Stage III – This unit typically has 3 options that can pretty radically reshape the entire amps’ personality. The most popular option set for this is usually FAC, 3 way voice switch, and double depth.
    Stage IV – This is where I really start painting off the edges of the paper. Usually this is a uniquely tailored amplifier with multiple layers of customization and at least 4 custom controls on the chassis. Typically involves research, design and prototyping of something that has never been tried before (example: high gain hiwatt style preamp mated to a laney supergroup style power section with a dual FAC control with an input pad to accommodate pedals)
    Stage V – The ultimate level of customization and tone. I have custom transformers wound for the amplifier by Mercury Magnetics, unique circuitry and (typically) unobtanium vintage original NOS components from my parts collection, or boutique/mil-spec components where the tone matters most in the circuit design. Control surface can look like a passenger jet flight deck. These amps take the longest to research and develop, but for those willing to wait, can be the answer to the hunt for the sounds you may have been searching for your entire life?

  • Do I have to use a speaker cabinet with my amp?
    if you run multiple cabinets, please make sure the amp is connected correctly. see the graphic below. Damage will occur and void your warranty if not hooked up right!connecting multiple speaker cabinets tube amp
  • How do I order my amp?

Please go to our order page – hovercraftamps.com/purchase and put in the notes, specifically what you want. Please give as much detail as possible.

  • How long after I place my order will I get my amp?

Generally 2-3 weeks, assuming we have the parts.

  • Do you make amps for overseas power?

All amps are universal voltage except for the Baltar series.

  • Do you take trades?

No trades, sorry.

  • Do you do endorsements/sponsorships?

We price our amps as cheap as possible. There are no endorsements or freebies. Sorry.

  • Do you make single channel amps with reverb and effects loops?

Yes. Please see our amp spec sheets on our website.

  • Will you Hovercraft my amp, car, microwave, ex-girlfriend?

Regretfully, no. There is too much risk and liability. We can’t take on any damaged goods.

  • Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. 6 months on tubes and one year on amps. Original owner only.

  • What is the cost of repairing my Hovercraft?

During warranty- must be brought to us and we will fix it for free. Having another tech work on it, without previous ‘OK’ voids the warranty.

Any unauthorized repairs or modifications immediately void your warranty.

After warranty period has expired- We are happy to perform all repairs at a nominal cost. We will either fix the issue or replace the amp.

  • Do you cover shipping damage?

Contact us immediately. Do not attempt to have anything repaired or replaced. We will deal with this.

  • Do you make Bass amps/preamps?

Any amp of ours can be made bass amp spec. We do not make preamps yet.

  • What is the difference between the types of tubes?

Check out any good tube vendor site such as tubedepot.com thetubestore.com watfordvalves.co.uk etc. and read up on their descriptions. Read up on what sort of tubes your favorite amps use and you will probably like the sound of them the best. Stick to what you know and like for your first amp.

  • Hey can you make me this [super weird unobtainable unicorn amp]?

In most cases, yes. We will not directly copy anything currently manufactured. You will need to know exactly what you want and you will need to be very patient as it will take a long time to build. Build times of up to a year are not uncommon due to design, debugging and other issues with creating an amp from scratch. You must make a 50% deposit and once the deposit has been made, there are no changes to the sound/look of the amp. To order, email info@hovercraftamps.com.