The Caribou 2 channel head is my ultimate design. my goal was to create a unique amp that had all the capabilities in my head, with the cosmetic design as good as the sonic stature.

This is a 2 channel 2 octal power tube unit with 3 preamp tube sockets, a switchable tone stack architecture (changing from 2 knob baxandall to the omnipresent Treble Middle Bass 3 knob type) 1/2 power switch and speaker outputs from 16 to 4 ohms.

The Caribou has been my dream creation of a platform that allowed me to create virtually any amplifier architecture within its enclosure, and give maximum flexibility of interactive controls and voicing options without burying you with so many switches and dials that you always feel like you are trying to figure out your own amp.

This amp is designed to allow you to find dozens and dozens of inspiring and unique tones that express your art to its fullest capabilities and then get out of the way so you can concentrate on playing, not fiddling with controls chasing sounds. a good burger is a good burger. Get off on your ideas, not the ideological rat holing of “is it good enough?

build questionnaire test form is here, check it out:

User manual for the Caribou is here: PDF LINK