Limited Production – released as produced, or by commission only – recycled and USA scratch built units exist.

Multiple preamp configurations with 2xEL84 power tubes, small headbox, MK1 or MK2 styled faceplates.

Easily the most popular sonic platform out there with approximately 330 units produced, the 20 watt Dwarvenaut has quietly become a highly regarded low wattage tube amp that hauls volume far above its power displacement.

very few units have been produced as Art Series amps. If you see one come up for sale, grab it, as each one represents hundreds of hours of work, either by myself, one of the people that used to work at the shop, or independent artists that were kind enough to lend their talents to making an amp. Each one is a very unique creation, the only one of its kind in the world, intended to be a feast for the eyes and the ears.

Below left is MK1 with early logo, right is MK2 unit with current logo