No Longer In Production

The Baltar 4 power tube units were recycled units re-made into 2 different and distinct custom platform formats:

V1 – (gold faceplate amps in the gallery) 3x 12AX7 preamp tubes 4x octal power tubes – single channel with footswitchable boost and non-buffered effects loop (general specs) single eq gain and master volume controls. large vintage headbox with 70’s style faceplates. generally 100 watt units that tore your face off.

22 of these were produced with only one getting sent overseas.

V2 – (black faceplate amp upper left in gallery) 3x 12AX7 preamp tubes 4x octal power tubes, 1/2 power switch, buffered loop, reverb, dual EQ’s gain/volume boost. 2 channels footswitchable.

15 of these produced with none going overseas.

After purchasing 2 6×12 speaker cabinets Spencer King was brave enough to commission SN1 early 2014 for his band Blackwitch Pudding. He needed something louder than his existing amps, and it had to take pedals.