No Longer In Production

The Andromeda series of amps were the very first recycled amps produced by Hovercraft, starting in late 2009/2010. The last made unit was released in 2014.

there have been approximately 50 of these made. less than 10 are outside the united states.

SN1 is a KT88 orange tolexed unit that was a proof of concept unit I made originally to test out some ideas I had percolating in my head. The results spoke for themselves and the amp found a new owner very quickly. It is still making music to this day. Which makes me very happy.

Earliest production amps had the milled black and white faceplates you see below, with only a handful having the later white with black lettering logo as shown on the red amp in the upper right hand gallery.

if you have acquired one, I have the circuit details for each unit written down in the build bible, including original spec information as it left the shop.